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    Deleted OnlyFans/VIP query

    The above link includes Lavinia Lazuli's OnlyFans on the list if you join VIP - it's next to impossible to find her content anywhere.

    Two questions.

    1. How do I know that paying for VIP will make that link accessible or that the OP still has the file/access before I waste my money?

    2. If subbed to an OnlyFans account before the owner deletes it, do their posts appear in your following still? Pretty sure she deleted her account but I was still able to see everything at one point, so another reason I could be risking wasting money.

    I only want VIP for her account.

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    I'm afraid it's not good news all around.

    1. That particular thread dates back to 2018 and has over 20 replies so the chances of getting an active user/pass would seem a bit slim.

    2. Regarding content with Lavinia Lazuli, her account does seem to have been deleted. It doesn't show up in onlyfans seach.
    I think they just allowed you temporary access since you were still subbed to her account even though she deleted her profile.
    Once your sub and any other outstanding subs expired though, her content would have been entirely scrubbed from the site.



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